5 Whisky Collaborations That Make For the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Dads are great things, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and types. Whether your dad is the kind of father who loves heading out into the great outdoors, armed with his trusty backpack and his socks and sandals, or the kind of dad or likes his home comforts, his sports channels, and his newspaper, every father is wonderful and special in his own unique way.

That’s why Father’s Day is such a key date in the calendar: it’s our opportunity to take a moment to give thanks to our fathers, to recognise their achievements and their individual qualities, and to pause to demonstrate that – despite the inevitable difficulties we all put them through in our formative years – we really are thankful for their presence, their guidance, and all that they managed to pass on.

Of course, Father’s Day doesn’t just have to be for the biological dads out there: it’s also a day to celebrate our step-fathers, grandfathers, uncles, guardians, and father figures of all types, and to present them with a gift which really highlights just how special and valued we think they are. It goes without saying, really, that in our eyes, few gifts manage to hit the right notes quite as successfully as those which have some connection with our all-time favourite spirit: Whisky.

Make no mistake – few things make us (or our fathers, no doubt) happier than being presented with a beautiful bottle of Single Malt Scotch Whisky, carefully selected to reflect our personal tastes, and ideal for sipping with our feet up at the end of a long day. However, if you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift that really goes the extra mile for those dads whose love for Scotland’s finest produce is second-to-none, it’s well worth thinking a little outside the box. If you’re seeking out gifts which complement the whisky lover’s collection, and which allow your dad to explore his love for certain distilleries, producers, and regions even further, you’ll be amazed and impressed by the sheer number of options available to you. Distilleries are often looking for new ways to spread their brand influence and delight their fans, and there is a long list of items on the market which showcase fascinating and fun collaborations between top distilleries and leading brands – the perfect choice for the whisky-loving father figure in your life!

With Father’s Day less than a week away, we thought we’d pin down some of the most impressive and interesting Scotch Whisky collaborative items for you to consider. With each of these gifts highlighting the quality and distinction behind each brand and bottle, they really do make for wonderful Father’s Day gifts… and we’ve no doubt whatsoever that they have the power to make your dad feel every bit as special as he deserves. Check them out below!

The London Sock Company and Glenfiddich


It is a truth universally acknowledged that no man can have too many socks, and if your dad is of the dapper variety, then this gift really will tick every box! Glenfiddich is rightly recognised as one of the finest Scotch distilleries in the world, and this gift set sees the brand teaming up with The London Sock Company: purveyors of top-quality socks, which no man’s underwear cupboard should be without!

In this brilliantly elegant gift set, your dad will receive three stunning miniature expressions of Glenfiddich’s finest (a 12 year old, a 15 year old, and an 18 year old), neatly packaged alongside three pairs of stylish socks. What could possibly be better?

HBO and Johnnie Walker


HBO’s megalithic and world-dominating series, Game of Thrones, may have come to a earth-shattering ending already, but if the dad in your life is as much a fan of the world of Westeros as he is of high quality Scotch, the fun need not be over just yet. Johnnie Walker has long been a whisky brand on the cutting edge of cool, and this limited edition ‘White Walker’ release brings a warmth and spice which will see your dad smiling through even the harshest of winters!

With its unique and iconic bottle design re-imagined for fans of Game of Thrones, and boasting a distinctive blend which presents notes of vanilla, caramel, and orchard fruits, this limited release from one of the world’s greatest distilleries is set to become legendary in its own right.

Walker Slater and The GlenDronach


Scotland is a land of wonders of myriad delights, and while whisky is its principal export, it’s not the only thing that this particular ancient and fascinating country does best. This brilliant collaboration between top-end distillery The GlenDronach and luxury brand Walker Slater is absolutely ideal for the dad who sees himself as a hardy Highlander, and highlights the joy of that other distinctly Scottish product: tweed.

This collaboration has manifested itself in the form of a stylish tweed hip flask, which displays deep and enticing russet colours supposedly inspired by the warming and autumnal flavours of the marvellous single malts of The GlenDronach distillery. Perfect for those fathers who love a cheeky dram on the go, it’s a chic and stylish item that’s guaranteed to be treasured for years to come.

Jo Malone and Huntsman


What do you get the whisky-loving dad who has everything? This collaboration between luxury perfumier Jo Malone and Huntsman whisky has the answer, in the form of a series of stylish and elegant colognes that are sure to be adored.

Rest assured, this aftershave range won’t leave your dad smelling like the basement of an Edinburgh pub (no matter how much he might insist that he actually would like such a fragrance), and combines whisky with notes of cedar, in a deeply woody and masculine perfume that’ll leave your old man feeling confident, suave, and cool. What’s more, the bottles are beautifully embossed with Huntsman’s gold typography, making this a very attractive item which is ideal for gift-giving on Father’s Day.

Noble Isle and The Balvenie


Even the most rugged of fathers deserve some pampering from time to time, and this fantastic gift from Noble Isle and The Balvenie really is one which will allow your dad to luxuriate during bath and shower time. Bringing together Highland spring water, The Balvenie Whisky, and a range of herbal botanical extracts, exclusive grooming brand Noble Isle have managed to create a shower gel which really captures the sophistication of one of our favourite Scotches.

All the products in this stunning amber-coloured range are made from real barley extract and water taken directly from the legendary The Balvenie spring in Speyside. The result? A shower gel which goes above and beyond the ordinary, and which offers moments of real luxury which every dad deserves.

There you have it: five beautiful collaborative gifts which bring together the best of the whisky world and other leading brands and concepts, and which are sure to make your dad feel on top of the world. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be so thankful, he’ll even crack open one of those bottles of whisky he keeps for ‘special occasions’ to share with you. Here’s to the fathers of the world – where would we be without you? Cheers!