~ The 9th Ultimate Whisky Experience ~ Nth 2019


Ask any dedicated whisky fan, and they’ll be sure to tell you that the only thing finer than spending some time with a quality dram of Scotch, is spending a whole lot of time with a wide range of some of the finest whiskies ever to grace the earth. That, in essence, is the driving point and motivation behind the 9th Annual Ultimate Whisky Experience Nth 2019, the world’s greatest whisky expo, and an unmissable celebration of the spirit we hold closest to our hearts.

Hosted at the resplendent Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, the Nth 2019 is a luxurious festival of rare and fine whiskies, where fans from across the nation and all over the world can come together and explore their love of this singularly spectacular drink. It’s a place where exemplary examples of the art of distillation can be sampled, where whisky enthusiasts can get up close and personal with some genuinely legendary bottles, and where master distillers and stars of the spirits world can impart knowledge, answer burning questions, and share their secrets with their fans. In short, it’s the whisky event to end all others, and one which no serious fan of ultra-premium whiskies can afford to miss being part of.

Taking Whisky Experiences to New Heights


Whisky stands apart from its fellow spirits in no shortage of different ways. It’s a drink which demands careful consideration, slow and prolonged enjoyment, and a sense of meditation and deep appreciation for the craftsmanship which goes into the finest bottles. The Nth 2019 showcases the special status of whisky perfectly, and goes to great and impressive lengths to demonstrate exactly what it is about this spirit which has captured people’s fascination and undying love for centuries.

That’s why this celebration of whisky is one which is so packed full of special events, extraordinary tasting opportunities, and panels, classes, discussions, and dinners… it’s a glorious spectacle and one which revels in its outlandishness, its exuberance, and its wide array of unforgettable moments.

While there will be a whole host of thrilling moments to enjoy, possibly the greatest highlight of this year’s whisky experience will be the hotly anticipated Super Pours. Always thrilling, always surprising, and always full of once-in-a-lifetime moments for whisky lovers, the Super Pours event will see the opening of several bottles of ultra-premium whiskies, all of which are valued at over $300 per dram. Expect legendary labels, rare discoveries, and unique showcases of some of the most highly respected names in the spirits world, opened and enjoyed by attendees who will then get the coveted chance to experience whisky tasting on a whole other level.

Of course, all of the whiskies being showcased and opened at Nth 2019 have something deeply special to say about the craft of distillation, and all have their own fascinating stories to tell. Alongside the Super Pours, there will also be an ongoing walk-around event, where each table and stand will feature some of the world’s most distinguished and coveted bottles. These will be opened and poured by whisky experts and distillery representatives, who will be able to answer questions, enter discussions, and share insights regarding the history and identity of the dram.

With so much renewed enthusiasm and interest in food and whisky pairing in recent years, it goes without saying that there will be plenty of opportunity to discover and try delicious food pairings, hors d’oeuvres, and artisanal treats with the drinks, adding an extra and tempting dimension to your tastings. All in all, it’s going to be a treat for the senses quite unlike any other, and being in Las Vegas, it’s going to be in utterly jaw-dropping surroundings worthy of the bottles on show.

Unlike in previous years, the Nth 2019 is being expanded to include an emphasis on a range of luxury spirits, and not only the usual fine Scotch whiskies previous events have been based upon. As such, we can expect presentations from the top-end of the vodka, gin, and rum worlds, with showcases of some truly exceptional spirits which are sure to delight even the most faithful of whisky lovers. With so many flavours, so many styles, and so many incredible new sensations to explore, Nth 2019 is set to be a truly jaw-dropping celebration of luxury spirits, guaranteed to delight all the senses.

New Friends, New Faces, New Flavours


Whisky is, at its heart, a social drink. It is the amber-hued fuel of countless conversations, treatise on life, the universe, and everything… and it’s always fun to spend time with other whisky enthusiasts, and share your thoughts, your opinions, and your favourites. Nth 2019 is the perfect opportunity to meet and greet hundreds of other dedicated whisky lovers, and spend an incredible time in one of the world’s most dynamic and fun-filled cities while exploring an incredible array of new flavours.

The Nth 2019 whisky event is one which has been carefully curated in order to be as sociable and welcoming as possible, and every effort has been made to ensure that all attendees have the chance to mingle with real stars of the distilling world. Master distillers, world-beating blenders, and leading mixologists will be out in force during the event, inviting questions and sharing their wisdom over the exceptional drams on offer. What’s more, there will be specialist classes available, perfect for topping up your whisky knowledge and learning some closely guarded secrets behind some of the greatest labels and releases. Who knows what new ideas and inspirations you might come away with?

Experience Levels and Unbeatable Packages

In order to ensure that every attendee has the opportunity to really make the most of the Ultimate Whisky Experience Nth 2019, two experience levels have been made available to purchase, each offering truly unforgettable up-close-and-personal encounters with the star whiskies of the show.

High Roller Experience


The first of these experience levels is the High Roller Experience, which will be available for both the 26th and 27th of April, 2019 for a price of $2595. This package includes exclusive access to all the show events, and also includes an invitation to the High Roller Lounge and the High Roller Super Pours, where some of the most prized whiskies in the world will be sampled and shared. On top of this, there will also be special VIP events with other High Roller attendees, one-on-one meetings with a selection of brand ambassadors, access to the Nth Show (which is set to be utterly spectacular, and an incredible showcasing of the world’s greatest whiskies and other rare luxury spirits), Master Classes, and a luxury dinner reception. All High Rollers will also receive a luxurious gift bag, free quality cigars, and much, much more besides.

Connoisseur Experience


For those seeking a whisky experience which isn’t quite as extravagant as the High Roller experience, but which still goes well above and beyond anything even resembling the ordinary, the Connoisseur Experience on the 27th of April only is the perfect opportunity to be grasped with both hands. For just $545, Connoisseurs will be able to attend the Nth Show, will be able to taste all of the whiskies on the walkaround, and will have access to the Super Pours and other highlights of the event. There will also be a wide range of delectable hors d’oeuvres to enjoy, and a cut crystal Glencairn tasting glass to take home as a treasured memento.

The 9th Ultimate Whisky Experience Nth 2019: A Whisky Celebration Like No Other

If you consider yourself someone who cannot imagine life without the myriad flavours, aromas, and characteristics only fine whisky can provide, then Nth 2019 is an event which cannot be missed. Designed, curated, and brought to realisation with people like you in mind, it bursts with rare opportunities to scratch beneath the surface of some of the most highly renowned spirits ever to be released into the world. It’s a chance to revel in splendour and luxury, to explore the history and culture behind the world’s greatest drink, and to take your passion for whisky to heights hitherto unimagined. It is, in short, a whisky lover’s dream, brought to life in awe-inspiring style.

If you’d like to find out more about Nth 2019 and the whiskies which will be headlining this incredible event, take a look on www.universalwhiskyexperience.com for updates, tickets, and all the information you will need. See you there… and Slàinte!