Whisky Celebrities

Dan garrison

Dan garrison

Dan Garrison learned to distill bourbon from Kentucky’s finest craftsmen, where he spent the early 2000’s learning the trade. During multiple trips to the birthplace of bourbon, Dan visited the nine producers that existed at the time. At each distillery tour, a guide would state that “Bourbon could only be made in the great state of Kentucky.” This statement seemed unlikely to a serial entrepreneur like Garrison. He called BS and wrote a letter to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (now known as the Tax and Trade Bureau) asking what part of the Code of Federal Regulations stated this as fact. The BATF responded that there was no truth to the statement. Soon thereafter, Garrison Brothers Distillery was born.

It took Dan over 60 tries to perfect the cook and fermentation procedures for his original mash bill — a combination of only the finest grains: plump white corn harvested from the Texas Panhandle, two row malted barley from Wyoming and Montana, and soft red winter wheat he planted and harvested himself on his farm.

Every step — from cooking the mash to bottling — takes place right there on site at their distillery in Hye, Texas. They make bourbon in a range of ages and finishes, but it’s the scorching Texas climate that has an intense impact on the bourbon’s flavor. Once the charred oak barrels have been filled with the distillate (white dog), the constant fluctuation in temperature from hot to cool causes the bourbon in the barrels to swell and shrink, forcing the aging bourbon to cycle through the wood’s crevices. As it moves in and out, the liquid extracts sugars from the sap in the wood’s pores, yielding a bourbon with a distinct, rich caramel color and bold flavor. “We believe the Texas heat makes a better bourbon than a bourbon made in the Kentucky climate,” Garrison says.

James Epsey

James Epsey

Born in Zambia, James Espey began his career in the drinks industry over 50 years ago, working for Gilbeys in South Africa. He moved to London in 1977 to join IDV, where he met Tom Jago, creator of Baileys Irish Cream. Together they went onto launch Le Piat D’Or, Malibu, The Classic Malts, Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Chivas Regal 18. James worked across the giants of the spirits industry, ending up as Chairman of Chivas Bros. Upon retirement, James and Tom decided to launch one final brand, and formed a company: The Last Drop Distillers; curators of the World’s Most Remarkable Spirits. From its early days when the two men found some forgotten barrels of an exceptional old Scotch Whisky to today, the company has focused on one thing: finding and bottling truly exceptional spirits in very small quantities. The company is now owned by Sazerac Inc. one of the world’s largest spirits companies.

Alongside his illustrious career, James was also instrumental in the founding of The Keepers of the Quaich, the society that recognises and honours all those working in the Scotch Whisky Industry. He was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the birthday honours list 2013.

James continues to represent  The Last Drop all over the world. In his spare time he writes books, and mentors young entrepreneurs, while spending as much time as possible with his family.

colin scott


Charlie Whitfield was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland. At the age of two, his granny bought him a raffle ticket and he proceeded to win first prize; two cases of The Macallan 10 Years Old, thus starting his lifelong fascination with Scotch whisky!

After six years working in the Duty Free Industry based in London after university, Charlie moved to the USA. It was in New York that he realized his lifelong passion with whisky and started working for The Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whisky. After starting as the national brand ambassador, Charlie now manages The Macallan brand education and prestige whiskies throughout the Americas, and has been with the company for six years.

colin scott

Johnnie Mundell
Suntory Whisky,
West Coast Brand Ambassador

Suntory Whisky Ambassador, Johnnie Mundell is known to trade whisky for words, whether working with the bartender community or hosting engaging consumer event.
Johnnie was born and raised in Ayrshire Scotland, with a long family history in whisky and farming. Since 1971, the Mundell family have been transporting scotch from Islay through the Kennacraig Ferry terminal, a property his family used to own where they would picnic during summer. He currently resides in Hermosa Beach, CA with his wife and three daughters.

Johnnie has 10 years ambassadorial experience representing brands including Auchentoshan, Bowmore and Glen Garioch and in spring 2015 he assumed the role of Suntory Japanese Whisky ambassador where he specializes in brand education on the house of Suntory Whiskies; Yamazaki, Hakushu, Hibiki and Toki.

Johnnie has become renowned for creating connections between attendees at his events as he employs unique methods to bring each geographical and historical context to life. Johnnie’s mission is to effectively create and build communities of fans for Suntory whisky in everything he does.

colin scott

National Brand Ambassador, Whiskeys of Midleton

Based in San Francisco, Jessamine’s nine-plus years of experience have taken her through some of the Bay Area’s best restaurants and bars.

She launched the cocktail program at Manresa, served as Hakkasan’s San Francisco bar manager and was most recently the Absolut Vodka Brand Ambassador in Northern California, where she consulted on Absolut programs and created new, original cocktails.

With a passion for flavor and innovation, Jessamine currently serves as the National Brand Ambassador for the Powers & Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey portfolio at Pernod Ricard. Her role as National Brand Ambassador is to educate and showcase this unique portfolio of Irish Whiskeys including Redbreast, the Spot Whiskeys (Green Spot and Yellow Spot), Powers, and Midleton throughout the US.

No stranger to the spirits industry, she’s an award-winning bartender and also knows her way around a wine list. Jessamine has a level two certification from The Court of Master Sommeliers and previously worked as Wine Director at Chez TJ in Mountain View. She’s also an active member of numerous industry groups. She graduated from BarSmarts, made it to the top eight in San Francisco’s Speedrack competition, is a proud participant in LUPEC and is the co-founder of LOH (Ladies of Hospitality).

colin scott

Chris Fletcher – Assistant Master Distiller, Jack Daniel Distillery

Chris Fletcher is the assistant master distiller at the Jack Daniel Distillery and a native of Lynchburg, Tennessee. Fletcher’s role as assistant master distiller allows him to utilize his sensory skills and extensive knowledge of the whiskey making process while providing support for Master Distiller Jeff Arnett. He also looks forward to playing a key role in any potential new offerings that the distillery may consider in the future.

After earning a degree in chemistry, Fletcher joined the Jack Daniel Distillery first as a tour guide in 2001 and then gained a complete knowledge of production at Jack Daniel’s including milling, mashing, fermenting, distillation, mellowing and maturation, all passed down first-hand by his grandfather, retired Master Distiller Frank “Frog” Bobo, and other Jack Daniel’s employees with decades of experience.

After his stint in Lynchburg, Fletcher worked for Brown-Forman Corporation in Louisville, Kentucky on Jack Daniel’s quality control. In this role, Fletcher touched everything that had to do with the whiskey-making process, from the still to the barrel. Following two years of gaining valuable experience working for distilleries across North America, Fletcher returned to the Jack Daniel Distillery in 2014.

As the grandson of Bobo, the distillery’s fifth master distiller from 1966-89, making Jack Daniel’s Tennessee sipping whiskey comes naturally to Fletcher. He recalls visiting his grandfather at the distillery, following closely at his heels and hearing stories about those who came before them. Fletcher’s first memory of the distillery is watching his grandfather make sour mash and operating the stills. Today, he feels very fortunate to have two outstanding mentors – his grandfather and the seventh master distiller, Arnett.

With American whiskey currently experiencing such a renaissance, the 34 year-old Fletcher is an ideal fit for Jack Daniel’s. He not only has a foothold into the heritage and authenticity of Jack, but he also brings a fresh approach to product innovation. As his grandfather often reminds him, the incredible growth Jack Daniel’s has experienced since his days at the distillery is a result of the process and quality controls established by its founder. Now it’s Fletcher’s job to help ensure that the dedication to the craft of making great whiskey remains true to Mr. Jack’s mantra of “Everyday we make it, we’ll make it the best we can.”

colin scott

Greg West – San Francisco

Greg West grew up in a small beach town at the very southwest tip of California named Imperial Beach, the last beach city before Mexico. Greg had a very humble upbringing as was one of four kids. His summers were usually comprised of exploring the beaches and marshlands around his home and working with his father in his landscaping business. At the age of nineteen, he decided to go into the field of carpentry and found much satisfaction in that. It was only a handful of years later he became the youngest foreman in his company. At twenty-two, he covered a shift as a doorman at a bar called The Surf & Saddle. Shortly after he would begin his bartending career. Unbeknownst to him, it would be the greatest roller coaster ride of all time.

In 2008, he moved to Seattle, Wa. and was introduced to the world of craft cocktails. He loved watching the hand work, like poetry, as they carefully created their cocktails. After the experience, his whole drive and determination changed and Greg did whatever he could to learn technique, style, recipes and product knowledge. In 2013, Greg moved to the big/little city of San Francisco to try to learn from the best. He landed his dream job at the esteemed Bourbon & Branch. After six months of bartending at Bourbon & Branch, he is asked to be the Bar Manager and five months after that he became the General Manager and held that position for two years.

During all the long hours dedicated to being a Manager at Bourbon & Branch, Greg found time to put aside for Ambassador work. Over the last two years, Greg worked for Mount Gay Rum, Angel’s Envy Whiskeys, and now couldn’t be more proud to call Brown-Forman and Woodford Reserve family of brands, home

colin scott

Stephanie Ridgeway

Steph is a long-time veteran of the hospitality industry with a passion for spirits, whisky in particular. In her role as Brand Education Manager for International Beverage Group’s core single malt and gin brands- Speyburn, Old Pulteney, Balblair, anCnoc and Caorunn – she’s responsible for traveling the country and preaching the gospel of these award-winning spirits.

Steph’s spent the better part of a decade advocating on behalf of single malt in the U.S., traveling extensively to Scotland to work alongside the Master Distillers and their teams who make the whisky. This has allowed her to hone her palate and intensify her knowledge of one of Scotland’s greatest gift to the world: Scotch Whisky.

Steph attended Penn State University and graduated first in her class at the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts. She hails from Pittsburgh, PA and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY

colin scott

JONATHAN DRIVER – Rare Whisky Director, Whyte & Mackay

Jonathan Driver is the Rare Whisky Director for Whyte & Mackay. In this role he has the responsibility for managing and developing the Company’s Luxury Scotch Whisky offerings primarily the higher marques of Dalmore Single Malt Whisky but also working with the rare expressions of Jura, Fettercairn and Tamnavulin.

Driver began his career, with a degree in Japanese History, then working in Japan for an importer of European Art. After two years he returned to the UK to take up a marketing position with Garrard, the Crown Jeweller working on the building of two successful Garrard concessions in top Tokyo department stores, Seibu Saison and Mitsukoshi.
He was appointed in 1989, as a Luxury marketing specialist for United Distillers, the spirits arm of Guinness plc (today Diageo plc). Driver was responsible for the global development of the Classic Malts of Scotland, the company’s premium malt portfolio, and then worked on the development, launch and commercialisation of Johnnie Walker Blue Label with United Distillers’ Travel Retail division.

At the time of the Diageo merger in 1997, Driver took on the role of Global Malt Whisky Director. He oversaw the turnaround of the £100m Classic Malts portfolio. In addition he developed and launched the annual bottling of Diageo’s Rare and Special Releases.

In 2005, as Acquisition Marketing Director for Diageo’s £200m purchase of the Bushmills’ Irish Whiskey brand. He oversaw the marketing integration of the Irish Whiskey business into Diageo’s Whisk(e)y portfolio.
Subsequent to Driver’s time in Diageo he created his own Luxury Sales and Marketing consultancy working to develop Super and Ultra-Premium variants for Global Whisky brands across a range of different portfolios and territories.
In 2012/13 he helped develop and then represented John Walker & Sons’ Diamond Jubilee, a £100,000 a decanter project designed for Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and with all profits going to the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST).

He chairs the Industry Committee of the Worshipful Company of Distillers, is also a Trustee of the Wine & Spirits Education Trust and Non-Executive Director of Compass Box, a boutique Scotch Whisky blending company

richard patterson

Richard C. Paterson

With over 40 years of experience under his ‘nose’ it’s no wonder Richard Paterson is regarded as one of the world’s best Master Blenders.

He is responsible for Whyte & Mackay’s flagship blended whisky, the rare and exclusive Dalmore whisky collection, the varied flavour profiles seen in the Jura single malt range and he was the man who re-created a piece of history when he brought to life the 100 year old Mackinlay’s ‘Shackleton’ whisky. He also has a unique and one-of-a-kind whisky collection named after him – The Paterson Collection – that he created in partnership with premier retailer Harrods.

Being a third generation Master Blender, Richard quickly learned that the complex art of producing the perfect whisky is not one to be taken lightly.

He began his career as a general production assistant at A. Giles & Company Whisky Blenders & Brokers where he learned the art of blending before joining Whyte & Mackay, one of Scotland’s leading makers and distributors of Scotch whisky, becoming their Master Blender at just 26 years old. With a truly unique talent for ‘nosing whisky’, one of the main tasks of a Master Blender is often nosing hundreds of samples of whisky over the course of a day, and being able to distinguish each to maintain particular layers of flavour, aroma and depth. It is his skill that earned him the nickname ‘The Nose’ and so valuable is his nose that he has had it insured by Lloyds of London for £1.5 million!

When Richard isn’t in his sample room creating whiskies he is often out travelling the globe extensively as not just an ambassador for Whyte & Mackay but for the Scottish whisky industry as a whole. His entertaining presenting style coupled with his passion and knowledge for whisky has earned him a legion of fans across the world. He has been awarded The Spirit of Scotland Trophy at the International Wine & Spirit Competition, named Whisky Magazine Whisky Ambassador of the Year and has even had a series of Manga comic strips created in his honour! When he isn’t receiving plaudits for his work, Richard likes to spend his time getting other’s involved in his passion as he is a Diploma Lecturer for Scotch Whisky for the Wine & Spirit Education Trust in London. He also works extensively with the Benevolent Trust in Scotland, to raise money for those who have previously worked in the drinks industry and have fallen on harder times.

In 2008 he added author to his list of achievements when he published his very own book, Goodness Nose. He writes a regular column in Sweden’s leading whisky magazine, Whisky & Bourbon. He has also contributed to the Huffington Post, The FT How to Spend It and Whisky Magazine, as well as bringing his inimitable presenting style to life on programmes such as CNBC (US), Style TV (Russia) and STV (UK) to name but a few. Richard is also a keen tweeter and regularly discusses his love of whisky through his social media channels.

What the press say about Richard…

‘Paterson is at one moment, a dedicated curator of both whiskies and history, the next, an inspirational innovator with a completely unconventional approach to building a whisky, drawing on influences from gastronomy and astronomy, from folklore, from (whisper it) smoking. Above all, he takes his cues from life and the way that whisky fits into it. In either incarnation, his eyes sparkle with passion for his subject.’ Chris Madigan, Brummell Magazine

‘Paterson is a snappy dresser — tailored suits, pocket squares, shirts with French cuffs — and an obsessive reciter of dates and historical factoids. He seems less like a whiskey-maker than a high-end perfumer, and much of his job consists of sniffing and mixing flasks, flagons and vials of amber-colored fluid in a glass-walled room that is part laboratory and part museum… (he) also takes whisky drinking very seriously.’ Charles McGrath, New York Times

‘It’s the measure of the man that, after a distinguished career and 44 years in the whisky industry, he is still excited by Scotch whisky, and his energy and passion spill over because he wants you to be excited as well’ Ian Buxton, Tasting Panel

‘a huge and internationally renowned character’ James Davidson, WeHeart

‘Richard has been hugely, hugely helpful to me in whisky information, entertainment and education… I think it’s fair to say he is currently the best ambassador for scotch throughout the world’ Charlie Maclean, Whisky Writer

colin scott

Colin Scott

Master Blender at Chivas Brothers. With over thirty five years in the business, Colin is following a family tradtion of dedicating his life to Scotch whisky. Colin knows the characteristics of each and every whisky in the Chivas Brothers’ extensive, aged inventory and is the Global Ambassador of Royal Salute.

dr nick morgan

Dr. Nicholas Morgan

Dr Nicholas Morgan is Head of Whisky Outreach at Diageo plc, the largest Scotch whisky producer, where he has worked for almost twenty-five years. His previous role as Scotch Heritage Director was to champion the deep-rooted heritage of the company and its brands. Prior to that, he directed Diageo’s global malt whisky marketing team. Leading key innovations such as the development of the Talisker™ range, Singleton of Glen Ord, and the introduction of the Special Releases programme.
Ian McCallum

Iain McCullum

Iain McCallum was appointed Master Ambassador Scotch Whisky in January 2015. This role within the North American Beamsuntory team will see Iain developing educational programming for the Whisk(e)y brands portfolio through engaging consumer and trade education, tastings, masterclasses and experiential events.

After qualifying as an organic chemist at 22, his roles included four years as trainee distilleries manager at Auchentoshan, Bowmore and Glen Garioch.

Iain, whose nose was put to the test early on by industry guru Dr Jim Swan of Pentlands Scotch Whisky Research, scoring highly for smell and taste, was later appointed group senior blender for Morrison Bowmore then, in addition, distillery manager at Auchentoshan.

2013 Whisky Icons – Whisky Ambassador of the Year.

Keeper of the Quaich

Fellow of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling

ian logan

Ian Logan

As International Brand Ambassador for The Glenlivet, Ian is in the fortunate position of working with some of the worlds finest single malts every day. It is now 25 years since he sold his first case of whisky and in that time Ian has worked in sales and marketing before becoming a brand Ambassador 10 years ago. He has even been known to make a little whisky using The Glenlivet Sma Still.


Kirsten Grant Meikle

Kirsten Grant Meikle is the great-great-granddaughter of our founder William Grant, and the fifth pioneering generation of the family to run our business since 1887. She is currently Director of Prestige at William Grant & Sons UK.

Born in Edinburgh in 1975, she knew early on that her future lay in the drinks industry. After studying Business at Napier University, and travelling the world for 14 months (and doing the odd stint of bar work to pay her way), she entered the on-trade in the UK.

While spending two years as Bar Manager of Ecco Vino, an Edinburgh bar famous for its wine selection, she fell under the spell of fine wine. It led her to Matthew Clark, a renowned UK drinks distributer, where her passion for the business, sheer dynamism and inexhaustible work ethic saw her go from Account Manager to Wine Controller in seven years.


George Grant

George is the 6th generation of the Grant family to act as custodians for the Glenfarclas Distillery. George joined the family business in 2000 after working for Inverhouse Distillers Ltd, and Fine Vintages (Far East) Ltd, Glenfarclas’ distributor in Hong Kong. George particularly enjoys introducing whisky lovers to the older expressions of Glenfarclas, those distilled by his grandfather and watched over by his father. George is a third Generation Keeper of the Quaich and a Freeman of the City of London, a member of “The Worshipful Company of Distillers”.


Ian Millar 1

Ian Millar

Born in Pitlochry in Perthshire in the Highlands of Scotland in 1953, Ian Millar joined independent family distillers William Grant & Sons Ltd in 1998 as Distilleries Manager for the company’s flagship Glenfiddich and Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Whisky distilleries.

Ian is celebrated 40 years in the whisky industry in February 2014, having worked for a number of distillers in various technical and production roles, including mashing, distillation, warehousing and production management. He was previously Distillery Manager at the Bladnoch, Mortlach, Blair Athol, Dalwhinnie, Linkwood and Glen Elgin Distilleries before joining William Grant & Sons as General Manager of Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie Distilleries.



Kieron Elliott

Kieron Elliott started his bar and spirits career 22 years ago as a bartender in his college town of Paisley, Scotland and quickly established himself as a passionate single malt enthusiast and advocate.

He moved to London in 1998 and started managing bars and coordinating events for big liquor companies including Bombay Sapphire and Jack Daniels while also pursuing a performing career, landing hosting slots on ITV’s long running travel show “Wish You Were Here?” and the BBC’s science and technology show “Tomorrow’s World” as well as played a long running character in the BBC1 drama, “River City” and hosted the weekend morning show on Scotland’s #1 radio station, Real Radio, for 4 years. He then helped launch the UK’s first Classic Rock Station on FM, Rock Radio, and hosted the morning show for a year.

In 2008 he made the move to the U.S. and was quickly picked as the William Wallace expert on Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior. He must have done something right as the producers asked him to host all three seasons of the spin off show: Deadliest Warrior; The Aftermath. In 2010 Kieron was picked from thousands of voices to play Hoark the Haggard in DreamWorks’ “How to Train Your Dragon”. He’ll appear in all three movies and narrates the audiobook app.

Never far away from the spirits trade, Kieron worked as a special events mixologist for British Bartenders in LA where he naturally gravitated towards the scotches, working for Dewars and Chivas among others but it is was a chance meeting with Highland Park Brand Ambassador, Martin Daraz at one of Kieron’s stand up gigs that lead him to joining Edrington part time as an associate Brand Ambassador. Six months later, in August 2013, Kieron stepped up to become The National Brand Ambassador for The Macallan, where he currently and happily resides.


Richard Urquhart

Richard Urquhart

Richard Urquhart is a member of the fourth generation of the Urquhart family, owners of Gordon & MacPhail. Established in 1895 and based in Elgin in the north of Scotland the company is famous for selecting, maturing and bottling some of the world’s finest and rarest single malt Scotch whiskies.

Gordon & MacPhail sends casks to distilleries throughout Scotland where they are filled with “new-make” spirit and left to mature for many years at the distillery or in bonded warehouses in Elgin. Gordon & MacPhail bottles over 300 expressions of single malt under various ranges including Connoisseurs Choice, MacPhail’s Collection and Cask Strength. In 2015 the company launched the world’s most exclusive single malt, Generations Mortlach 75 Years Old by Gordon & MacPhail, at the Royal Opera House in London. In 2013 HRH The Princess Royal visited Elgin and presented the business with its second Queen’s Award for Enterprise of International Trade.

Richard joined Gordon & MacPhail in 2009 after working in Information Technology for six years. His career at Gordon & MacPhail started by spending two years working through all of departments within the business. Since then, Richard has worked in UK Sales and Marketing before moving to the Export department in November 2013, a department that exports the company’s whiskies to over 50 international markets.

Richard became of a Keeper of the Quaich a prestigious society whose purpose is to recognise those that have made an exceptional contribution to the Scotch Whisky Industry in 2015.



Cosmo Balvenie TD 8 of 40

Lorne Cousin

From his highland roots in Scotland’s legendary Campbeltown – an area steeped in whisky tradition – Balvenie Brand Ambassador and renaissance man Lorne Cousin brings a wealth of craftsmanship and skill, and a lifetime’s worth of unexpected experiences, to his role with the most hand crafted Single Malt Scotch. In a career that has seen him representing Scotland’s most beloved cultural products – music and whisky – he has travelled the world, sharing a platform with characters as diverse as royals, distillers, international pop stars and athletes.


Gregor Headshot (1)


As a boy, Gregor grew up at distilleries such as Caol Ila, Coleburn, Cragganmore and Cardhu where his father Evan worked as Master Distiller of these quality single malts. This is where Gregor’s apprenticeship truly began. Learning from his father something that he never imagined that would take him all over the world. Gregor has worked for the past 13 years with Master Distillers of the Diageo single malt portfolio, Master Blenders of Old Parr, Johnnie Walker, Buchanans, J&B and many other distillery staff who kindly shared their wealth of knowledge of the business with Gregor when he worked at their distilleries and facilities in Scotland.
While working in Scotland as Global Brand Ambassador for Johnnie Walker and the Classic Malts, Gregor developed a deeper passion for the nosing of Scotch Whisky and in 2011 (after 2 years and numerous organoleptic tests) became a qualified whisky nose.
He is now based in the USA working as the USA Master of Whisky and in October 2011 Gregor was inducted into The Keepers of the Quaich, an exclusive Scotch Whisky society that honors individuals for their contribution to the Scotch Whisky Industry.




Bé né dicté Hardy of Hardy Cognac

Bénédicté Hardy

Bénédicte Hardy was born near Cognac, France in Angoulême on March 18, 1957. She is a fifth generation member of the famous Hardy family, producers of Cognac. Her ancestor, Antoine Hardy, originally of English and Scottish descent was a merchant who fall in love with the French Countryside and decided to become a French citizen settling in Cognac in the second part of the 1800’s. After years of working for other Cognac producers, he learned the craft and founded A. Hardy & Company, the first bottle of Hardy Cognac was sold in 1863.

Bénédicte herself attended High School in Cognac finishing at the age of seventeen. She then went on to study in Bordeaux and graduated with two majors when she was 21. Intending to continue her education in law,Bénédicte applied and was accepted to Columbia University in New York. She chose, however, to attend the University in Geneva, Switzerland where the skiing conditions were much better than in New York. When Bénédicte graduated from Geneva with a degree in International Law (Maritime law or “law of the seas”), she could have begun practicing Law immediately. Instead she chose the wine and spirits industry and joined the family business in 1986. But Bénédicte has no regrets. She has been in charge of the U.S. and Canada for A.Hardy & Company. Along with her importer, Hardy USA, she has worked to build the Hardy brand stone by stone.

Bénédicte is has a wonderful husband, Ludo and two beautiful children, Pierre and Caroline. She hopes that one day her “little ones” will share her passion for Cognac. Bénédicte skis as much as she can, plays tennis, swims, and runs on a regular basis. She is also an avid reader and wine lover.


Stephen Rankin
Director of Prestige at Gordon & MacPhail

Stephen Rankin has a passion for Scotch whisky and an in-depth knowledge of the product andindustry, having joinedfamily-owned whisky specialist Gordon & MacPhail in 2000. Stephen is proud to be a fourth-generation member of the Urquhart family that owns the Elgin-based business, embracing the knowledge and expertise in whisky maturation passed down through the generations.
Following in his family’s footsteps, Stephen has dedicated his career to building his understanding of single malt Scotch whisky, travelling the world to share his passion for Gordon & MacPhail’s extensive portfolio.
Recognised for his contribution to the whisky industry, Stephen is a Keeper of the Quaich – an exclusive and international society that acknowledges those who have shown outstanding commitment to Scotch whisky – and is a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Distillers in the City of London.
Over almost two decades,he has built his understanding of whisky and the wider wine and spirits industry through a range of advanced qualifications with the globally recognised Wine & Spirit Education Trust. Courses have included specific sensory analysis and technical trainingand he has won several awards as part of this process. It is this wider knowledge of wine and spirits that brings additional value to Stephen’s role within the business.
He furtherdeveloped his expertise in a range of sales-focussed roles with previous positions including Director of UK Sales, with responsibility for more than 2,000 customers,strategies and long-term forecasting.
Having gained a great understanding of Gordon & MacPhail’s unrivalled liquid library and its customers across the world, Stephen was appointed as the company’sfirst Director of Prestige in October 2017.
In this role- a position that is pivotal to the ongoing success of the business – Stephen identifies and forges relationships with lovers of the finest whiskies across the globe.He uses his passion and knowledge to introduce discerning whisky drinkers to Gordon & MacPhail’sunique range of single malts in the global luxury consumer market. He focuses on the rare and aged expressions which make up the company’s renowned whisky collection, including the‘Private Collection’ and ‘Generations’ranges of single malts.
Stephen manages various relationships whichinvolvetravelling to global conferences and events, delivering exclusive and intimate tastings of personally selected whiskies and directly engaging attendees with the story of single malt Scotchwhisky and Gordon & MacPhail.
He also hosts a limited number of events and master classes at high-end whisky shows around the world, including the Nth annual whisky and luxury spirits event in Las Vegas, introducing visitors to Gordon & MacPhail’s vintages from its portfolio and archives. In doing so, he brings to life the company’s skills as leading maturation experts and whisky creators.
In addition to conductingprestigious tastings, attending events and working closely with trade customers, Stephen welcomes the most discerning whisky consumers to Elgin to help build their knowledgeand collections ofsingle malts. Stephen hosts guests in Gordon & MacPhail’s historic homewhere they are educated and entertained during their stay in Speyside.