Here are just some of our Featured Master Classes Over the Years


Gordon & Macphail – The Private Collection

Stephen Rankin and Richard Urquhart 4th generation members of this famous scotch family will take you on a journey of some rare treasures from their family label of the ‘Private Collection’. Coal 1968(50yo), Glenlivet 1954 (64yo), Longmorn 1966, Glen Grant 1965 and Strathisla 1955.

Hibiki Celebrating the 30 year anniversary

Gardner Dunn Ambassador of Suntory spirits will walk you through the seasons of Japan, with a component break down of different woods used and each distillery that makes Hibiki such a beautiful blend.

Glenfarclas Family Cask

Our old friend George Grant the 6th generation of this distilling family and the global marketing director returns to the Nth 2019 to give you a very special tasting of their family legacy from four decades. The family cask 1959, 1969, 1979 and 1989.

The Sherries of González Byass: The DNA of The Dalmore

For over a century, The Dalmore distillery has been in business with renowned Sherry bodega González Byass. Owing to that long-standing partnership, the distillery maintains exclusive access to pinnacle Sherry casks, including those first used to create the 30-Year Old Matusalem Oloroso. Join The Dalmore’s Head of Education Craig Bridger and González Byass Brand Manager Claire Henderson for an in-depth exploration of Sherry, and the unique relationship between these two noble houses—a relationship critical to the sumptuous character so beloved in The Dalmore.

Lost in time: legendary silent stills & closed distilleries

We go back in time and explore the so-called Silent Stills of both Whisky and Rum with renowned Expert Gil Schwarz. Focusing on such legendary Distilleries as Port Ellen, Rosebank and Brora from three different areas of Scotland and all from the Golden Age of Scotch in the 1960-1970’s, the realization of how great these fabulous whiskies were, will astound and highlight why they have no equals today. Following the Whiskies, we continue to explore Caribbean Treasures from such remarkable Rum Distilleries as Caroni, Enmore and Long Pond, all closed, but responsible for some of the greatest examples of Island Rum ever made. We round off with some very rare old Dictador from the oldest working Distillery in the Caribbean Zone, producing some of the most collectible Rum today from its base in Cartagena de Indias in Colombia. This is a tasting for serious collectors and aficionados.

The western highland gem - oban

The story of Oban town is as old as its whisky. Before the distillery there was nothing, but a windswept view and a natural harbor protected by the ancient islands in the Firth of Lorn.

Then in 1794 two brothers arrived and changed that little nook of the Scottish West Highlands forever. They were the Stevensons. Entrepreneurs with a small fortune and a fondness for a dram, which was pretty much all you needed back then to start your own whisky legacy.

What followed was the evolution of a sleepy port town and the creation of one of the world’s most distinguished single malt scotch whiskies.

Join us on a unique, on-off Oban tasting experience with a deep dive into what makes Oban unique. Hosted by Diageo's Reserve Program Director, Ewan Morgan who’ll be sharing with the lucky attendees very rare, liquids from this much revered, and one of Scotland’s oldest, distilleries.


  • Extremely Rare 70’s Oban 12 yr old
  • Cask Strength Samples from our warehouse specifically pulled for this tasting
  • 2013 Special Release Oban 21 (A unicorn release and Arguably one of the finest examples of Oban)
  • Oban 18 and Distillers Edition

The titans - scottish vs irish

Rick Edwards, National Distillers Selection Brand Ambassador for Pernod Ricard will take guests through a unique journey of some of the most cherished and celebrated whiskies from Ireland and Scotland. You will have the opportunity to savor award winning expressions from Midleton distillery including Redbreast and Green Spot followed by a tasting of some of The Glenlivet and Longmorn's finest whiskies giving guests the opportunity to compare and contrast what makes Irish and Scottish whiskies some of the finest in the world

Hennessy Le Voyage

Discover the rich world of cognac and master the art of cocktails in this exclusive experience, hosted by Rich Varga Hennessy Ambassador

Hennessy Le Voyage is an engaging hands-on consumer experience specially created for our off-premise partners. Featuring two of our most revered and popular brands Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege and Hennessy X.O this interactive journey shares our unique savor faire story through the making of classic cognac cocktails and guided tastings. Hennessy will provide a guided cocktail making and tasting experience hosted by the Hennessy Brand Ambassador. Guests will learn first-hand how to make classic cognac cocktails and understand how to truly appreciate the liquid through guided tastings.

  • Arrival & Welcome - Meet & greet by the Hennessy Ambassador, welcome cognac punch will served. (
  • Hennessy Story -  A short introduction to our history, heritage and unique savoir-faire or know how
  • Classic Cocktails - A hands on cocktail making session learning how to make the Hennessy French 75 and Hennessy Sazerac (
  • Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Tasting - A guided tasting to appreciate the aromas, tastes and flavors in one of our most popular blends (
  • Hennessy X.O Tasting - A multi-sensorial X.O deconstructed tasting experience to uncover what makes Hennessy X.O so revered 
  • Hennessy X.O on a rock - the ultimate Hennessy X.O experience on a single rock of ice

Staying the Course of Craftsmanship: BenRiach, The GlenDronach, Glenglassaugh.

Join us on our journey spanning three distinct distilleries as we offer an in-depth exploration of the unique heritage and production methods of Glenglassaugh, The GlenDronach, and BenRiach.

Sampling a collection from some of our finest expressions, we aim to provide a glimpse into each of these distilleries that maintain their bold approaches in production, steadfast commitment to quality, and bring with it each their own fascinating tale of success, hardship, progression, and evolution.

Glenfarclas – Forty for Forty

The famous son of Ballindallock George Grant, six generation member of the Grant family, Global Brand Ambassador and director of Sales turned the big 40 last year. To celebrate this momentous occasion, he will be taking you on a Glenfarclas liquid experience with his fellow forty year old’s. The New Glenfarclas 40yo, 1976 40yo, Taiwanese exclusive 40yo and the Family cask 1975.

Suntory Japanese – “The Art of Blending”?

Japanese whisky has been in the spotlight in recent years, due to the deep respect for heritage and commitment to perfection. Johnnie Mundell will take guests through an intimate masterclass with a thoughtful selection of whisky from the House of Suntory. Guests will delve into the refined sensibility of the Japanese people and the art of blending as used by the masters of Suntory whisky. Toki and Hibiki Harmony.

Macallan - What’s New with The Macallan?

From new age statements, to a new collectable range, to our decanter series, there’s a lot going on with The Macallan this year. Learn all about these expressions and much more, with National Brand Ambassador, Kieron Elliott. Sherry Oak and Double Cask 12yr, Edition No.1 and No.2, Rare Cask and Reflexion.

Glenmorangie/Ardbeg – Classic vs Cult: Glenmorangie vs Ardbeg

Join Jon Trainer as he explores new and exciting releases from two of Scotland’s most loved single malts. From the classic complexity and depth of Glenmorangie (including the 2017 Private Edition Bacalta and the newly released Grand Vintage 1990) to the biggest hits of Islay with a chance to taste Ardbeg Kelpie Committee Release – this will be a seminar not to be missed.

  • Glenmorangie Extremely Rare 18yr
  • Glenmorangie Private Edition Bacalta (Finished in Malmsey Madeira Casks)
  • Glenmorangie Bond House No.1 – Grand Vintage 1990
  • Ardbeg Very Young Single Cask Distillery Sample (5-6yr old)
  • Ardbeg 10yr Old
  • Ardbeg Kelpie Committee Release 2017

House of Chivas – Five Generations of Blending Excellence with Chivas Regal Ultis

Master Blender Colin Scott will take you on an exclusive journey inside the secret world of the House of Chivas Master Blenders. Concluding with the ultimate tribute to them - the new Chivas Regal Uitis. Sampling along the way: Chivas Regal 12yo, Chivas Regal Extra, Tormore, Longmorn, Strathisla – the Heart and finally Chivas Regal Ultis.

Brown Forman – A Family of Brands

Join Chris Fletcher (Assistant Master Distiller at the Jack Daniels distillery) and Greg West Woodford Reserve (Woodford Reserve Brand Ambassador) discuss and savor you on both these iconic American Whiskies.

"As the most flavor and color imparting process of whiskey, aging the distillate in charred, white oak barrel is the single most important journey for Bourbon. Now if we are talking, Tennesse whiskey, we take it one step beyond and put Jack Daniel's through a final progression called "The Lincoln County Process" which definitive of Tennesse Whiskey and law".

The Glenlivet - Understanding the Wood from the Trees

It is generally accepted that 60-70% of the “character” of a whisky is derived from the cask. In the masterclass, there is a chance to taste The Glenlivet through the ages while also comparing American White Oak (Quercus Alba) against European Oak (Quercus Robur). With distinct differences in the contribution of wood it is a fascinating opportunity to taste those combined with the classic sweet, fruity note of The Glenlivet New Make.

  • The Glenlivet New Make Spirit (supplied by CBL)
  • The Glenlivet Nadurra White Oak (supplied by PRUSA)
  • The Glenlivet 19yo 1st Fill Bourbon (supplied by CBL
  • The Glenlivet 33yo finished for 21yo years in virgin oak (supplied by CBL
  • The Glenlivet Nadurra Oloroso (supplied by PRUSA)
  • The Glenlivet 13yo 1st fill sherry butt (supplied by CBL)
  • The Glenlivet 1977 1st fill sherry hogshead. (supplied by CBL)

Lagavulin - The Ultimate Lagavulin

Ultimate Lagavulin Seminar with Dr Nick Morgan and Ewan Morgan with A/V (ppt presentation)

  • Product:
    • White Horse 60s
    • White Horse 70s
    • New Make
    • Lagavulin 25
    • Lagavulin Cask Sample from Distillery
    • Lagavulin 8, 12, 16 or DE

Interbevgroup - From the Caithness Coast to the Fertile Planes of Morayshire

Some of the world’s best single malt Scotch Whiskies presented by the man who made them The rugged Caithness coast in the far north of Scotland and the fertile hills on the eastern fringes of Speyside may seem a world apart but the legendary Distillery Manager Malcolm Waring, who managed both Knockdhu and Pulteney distilleries, brings them closer in this unique masterclass experience. Pitched side by side the Maritime Malt qualities of Old Pulteney and curiously modern approach of anCnoc afford a glimpse into just how the place, the people and the heritage shape some of the finest single malt Scotch whiskies of all time. From gentle and sweet, to robust and aromatic, to smoky and full-bodied – this star-studded line-up of drams will excite first-timers and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

Gordon & Macphail – Welcome to Scotland’s liquid library

A very rare and unique opportunity to look back through Scotland’s Liquid History. Presented by Richard Urquhart fourth generation member of the Urquhart family of Gordon & Macphail, the oldest independent bottler in Scotland. Richard will take on a liquid History journey with the following whiskies:

  • Glen Grant 1936 Rare Vintage
  • Glen Grant 1936 Sample
  • Linkwood 1954 Rare Vintage
  • Linkwood 1954 Sample
  • Strathisla 1957 Rare Vintage
  • Strathisla 1957 Sample
  • Glenlivet 1955 Rare Vintage
  • Glenlivet 1955 Sample

Hennessy – From Grape to Glass

Celebrate cognac’s status as the original cocktail spirit with an evening dedicated to cognac appreciation and creative cocktail making.

Guided by Hennessy’s Master Mixologist Jordan Bushell, you’ll be introduced to the world of cognac and prepare and create your own cocktails. You’ll sample and savour two of Hennessy’s most regarded blends V.S.O.P Privilége and XO. You’ll enjoy delicious canapés, meet likeminded folk, and discover why Hennessy is called the king of cognacs.

Dewar’s Malts – ‘A demystification of Dewar’s

An investigation of the malts within’ Whiskies: Dewar’s 12, Craigellachie 17, Aberfeldy 16, Aberfeldy 12, Aultmore 18 and Royal Brackla 16

Middleton – Pot Still Whiskey and Time, A Sensory Exploration of the Redbreast 21 Year Journey

As the leading producer in Ireland, Midleton Distillery has never ceased production of the most traditional style of Irish Whiskey: Single Pot Still Whiskey. Explore the evolution of spirit made from malted and unmalted barley throughout two decades of interaction with Ex-Bourbon and Iberian Oak casks. Taste the components that make up the most iconic Single Pot Still Whiskey on the market today - Redbreast. Fortunate to have a talented team of Masters, Midleton has laid down spirit to achieve the most mature Pot Still Whiskeys in existence today.

Morrison bowmore – trilogy of distilling

Join morrison bowmore distiller’s master of malts iain mccallum to savour five exceptional and collectable expressions from their archives. Whiskies to include a current limited edition from the triple distilled auchentoshan distillery; two vintage expressions from the hand crafted micro batched glen garioch distillery in the eastern highlands and two exceptional releases including a jewel in the crown from bowmore distillery – islay’s first distillery. Auchentoshan valinch, glen garioch 1986, 1994, bowmore 1982 and the jewel white bowmore.

Jura – global launch of jura 30yr

Richard paterson whiskey celebrity and master blender at whyte & mackay will explain jura brand story and range tasting of 10(yr), 16(yr), superstition, prophecy, 21, 1976 and culminates in tasting some of the casks that have gone into the new 30(yr). Jura is the only distillery on the hebridean island and celebrated it’s 200th anniversary in 2010 with a special limited edition bottling of 21 yr, to be tasted in this class

Classic malts – the diageo rare, hidden & limited malts

Master of whisky kevin mulcahy will take you through a discovery of diageo’s rare and limited gems: lagavulin 12yr, oban 18yr, glen spey 21yr and auchroisk 20yr. These whiskies are part of diageo ‘special release’ series of cask strength single malts released in 2001. Each of these bottlings are very limited and are highly collectible.

Springbank – campbelton a region in its own rights

Ranald watson global brand ambassador will take you on a journey through the legendary springbank distillery. This trip through time will take you from the distillery’s humble beginnings in the early 1800s through to its present-day status as one of scotland’s most iconic and reputable distilleries. Located in campbeltown, scotland’s smallest individual whisky-producing region, springbank represents all that is good about scotch whiskys illustrious past. Springbank is the only distillery to carry out 100% of production on one site, from barley grown in the local area and malted on traditional malt floors all the way through the distilling, maturation and bottling processes. Ranald’s masterclass will take you back to the victorian era and introduce you to some fantastic whiskies along the way. Undoubted highlights will be the brand new for 2012 springbank 21yo, never before tasted in north america, and the forthcoming bottling of longrow 18yo, springbank’s subtly smokey sister whisky. Also included are kilkerran work in progress 3rd release, hazelburn 12yo, springbank 15yo and springbank 18yo to complete your experience.

Duncan taylor scotch whisky – spirit of the 60′s

Euan shand who was raised on and began his working life at a distillery in the mid 1970′s will introduce various rare whiskies from his favourite period of distilliing when single malts were first coming to prominence and when the distillers “art” or not the case, as you will find out at his talk, was at its most prolific.

Distilleries such as strathisla, glendronach, macallan, bunnahabhain and some grains and blends will be discussed and some even tasted. Bunnahabhain 69, strathisla 67, tomatin 65, black bull 40yo blend.did you know! Black bull 40yr won 5 gold medals in 2011 and tomatin 65 won the silver award of the iswc 2007.

Glenrothes – what matters age or maturity ?

“the glenrothes does things differently, as enthusiasts we love this about the distillery, not least they bottle exclusively based on vintage. Robin coupar will lead you through the the glenrothes vintage concept and why it is maturity that matters and not age. Coupar will illustrate this concept by taking you through a current vintage from the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s as well as an extinct vintage from the same decade. This will not only underline the difference from vintage to vintage in terms of flavour profile and style but will also serve to demonstrate the fact that vintages are finite in their nature… once they aregone, they are gone forever. A unique opportunity to taste, for the last time the storied 1985 and 1975 to be introduced to their exceptional replacements the 1988 and the 1978.”

The glenlivet – the first legal distillery in scotland

Join ian logan, international brand ambassador, for an extraordinary opportunity to learn about the history of the brand while sampling some of the most exceptional and rare whiskies that the glenlivet has ever produced. Guests will sample the glenlivet 12, the glenlivet 16 nadurra, the glenlivet 18, single cask – helios, single cask – josie, and the glenlivet cellar collection 1973.

Frapin cognac

"cognac versus armagnac, the ever asked question". An in depth explanation of the differences and similarities of these two prestigious brown spirits from france. You will understand the terroirs specifics for both beaux de vie, the grape varietals that are used in both cases, the vinification techniques and above all the distilling differences. This is indeed the most technical part of the class but a fascinating one within the current trend and growing interest in artisanal craft distilling. This seminar is supported by samples coming from château fointpinot from the house of frapin cognac and château du busca armagnac, two of the most prestigious historical brands which only rely on their own production and which do not outsource. Both estates have been producing cognac and armagnac since these two eaux de vies have existed, going back well down into the 1600s.

The balvenie: the first to the finish:

David stewart, malt master with dr. Whisky, sam simmons (global ambassador for the balvenie), and lorne cousin west coast ambassador, the balvenie

  • An extremely rare opportunity to meet the man who introduced the whisky world to cask finishing, following its successful debut on the balvenie classic. Malt master david stewart will walk through some of the highlights of his 52 year career with the balvenie, and discuss the impact of cask finishes to the balvenie. You will have the opportunity to sample some rare balvenie single malts, together with the unique drinks that impact their world renowned range.
  • Nose and taste the proprietary caribbean rum used in the creation of caribbean cask 14yo, a heavily peated balvenie that is the signature of the limited edition balvenie peated cask 17 year old, together with the balvenie 21 year old, before, and after its famous finishing in port pipes.

Glenfarclas – 150 years of family distilling history.

Ballindallock’s famous son george grant, six generation member of the grant family, global brand ambassador and director of sales is back. George will take you on a liquid journey and history of this most iconic family owned distillery ‘glenfarclas’. He george will cockily savor you through the 40yo, 50yo, 1966 fino cask and concluding with a very special whisky to celebrate 150 years of the family

Ardbeg happy days”

Join ardbeg’s answer to “the fonz”, master brand ambassador david blackmore as we taste through a selection of outstanding ardbeg day bottlings from the past, present and future. We promise not to leave you “in the dark”…

We will be tasting: ardbeg day, ardbeg galileo, ardbog, ardbeg auriverdes, ardbeg perpetuum distillery only edition, secret cask sample

Johnnie walker – ‘private collection’ shhh!

Take a rare glimpse into the heart of john walker & sons special and private collection with dr nick morgan and lead by gregor cattanach ‘master of whisky’ this selection will include – king george v, private collection 2014, private collection 2015, private collection 2016, the john walker

Royal salute – ‘a journey through power’

Royal salute is the world’s only exclusively prestige scotch whisky brand, with a range of luxury blended whiskies matured for a minimum of 21 years.

Created in 1953 to mark the coronation of queen elizabeth ii, royal salute’s signature style is the combination of power and grace.

Colin scott, royal salute’s 4th master blender, will introduce you to some of the magnificently aged members of this world famous brand. Each member of the royal salute family has its own enchanting history and heritage. As a mouth-watering start to the master class you will enjoy a rare cask sample from the oldest operating distillery in the highlands of scotland, found at the heart of all the royal salute blends. Your liquid experience will include royal salute (rs) 21yo, aged grain whisky,rs diamond tribute, cask sample of a speyside malt, cask sample from strathisla and the rs 62 gun salute.

Macallan – perfect pairings.

Whisky dinners and the art of pairing fine scotch with the right food.

Join the macallan national brand ambassador kieron elliott as he takes you on a journey into the world of whisky pairing. From the basics to the more advanced propositions, kieron will showcase five different expressions of the macallan and offer insight into what may pair well with them… to show you why pairing dinners are one of his favorite parts of the job.

Pairing with macallan sherry oak 12, edition no.1, fine oak 17, rare cask and a surprise whisky from kieron.

Group three – saturday march 8th 2017 – 3.00pm – 4.00pm (chopin 1,2 & 3)

Suntory – around the world with suntory

Iain mccallum – beam suntory’s master spirits ambassador and megan breier jim beam bourbon ambassador will take guests on an odyssey of whisk(e)y – some old, some so new they not even available to purchase yet – from some of beam suntory’s most revered distillery warehouses. You will sample the following whiskies: canadian club 20yo, makers 46 cask strength, knob creek 12yo cask sample, laphroaig lore, hibiki 21yo, auchentoshan 21yo.

Glenfiddich: bringing spain to scotland:

Ian millar, global ambassador glenfiddich, and mitch bechard, usa ambassador

  • inspired by unique traditional maturation and quality control processes used in the bodegas of jerez for sherry, in 1998 glenfiddich created its own unique solera system, creating a one of a kind vat at the glenfiddich distillery, specifically for its 15 year old single malt. Initially filled with spirits distilled in the early 1980’s (sherry, traditional oak, and bourbon cask matured glenfiddich) the vat has never dropped below half full, creating a whisky of unrivalled depth and complexity
  • enjoy a rare deconstruction tasting, hosted ian millar the global ambassador, and former distillery manager of glenfiddich, and mitch bechard our us ambassador who will guide you through a nosing and tasting of some of the unreleased casks that make up the solera together with samples of glenfiddich’s newest solera expressions, the travel retail exclusive “cask reserves”

Highland park – remote pleasures

Highland park single malt scotch whisky from orkney with single origin chocolate from around the world travel with martin daraz (highland park ambassador) to tanzania, brazil, hispaniola, madagascar and ghana before settling in orkney for a sumptuous single malt and single origin chocolate pairing! Using chocolate from french chocolatier jean-michel carre, french chocolatier of the american riviera, highland park has paired 5 expressions of sweet and smoky whisky that could only come from the ‘high park’ with some of the world’s most indulgent, luxury chocolate. Single origin chocolate is the purest expression of that country’s cocoa and reflects the painstaking work and attention to detail that goes into making a spirit as unique as highland park. You will delight in rich pairings that compliment and contrast the balance found in highland park as well as learn about the production and processes that make our kirkwall home so special.

Classic malts – diageo 2015 special releases.

Taste six remarkable and hugely diverse natural cask strength single grain and single malt whiskies from the 2015 diageo special releases with dr nick morgan and gregor cattanach.

Including the 40 year old cally single grain whisky from the now closed caledonian distillery in edinburgh (“a terrific dram if i might say so”, gal granov, whisky israel), a 34 year old dailuaine (dave broom’s ‘personal favourite on, clynelish select reserve (5 stars and 90 points from serge valentin’s whiskyfun), a 17 year old unpeated ‘highland style’ caol ila (“it has smoke, but it’s sooty and dusty rather than pungent, giving room for the distillery’s pure maritime character to shine”, billy abbot, whisky exchange) , a 37 year old 1977 brora (“5 stars plus” from difford’s guide) and the fifteenth port ellen release, a 32 year old from the last year of the distillery’s production, rated 92 points by serge valentin.

The glenlivet – where the glenlivet leads others follow.

From the day and hour george smith first start to distil at glenlivet on upper drumin farm , him and his descendants have been burning a trail for others to follow. He was offering whisky for sale by the bottle in the 1840’s, decades before many of our competitors were even built. Consistent branding and age statements by the early 20th century, introducing mini bottles for pullman trains in the 1950’s.

These were followed by our cellar collection range in the early 2000’s and in 2014 came the first release of an on-going collection of 50yo expressions called the winchester collection.

The greatest achievement of all in 2015 when the glenlivet became the biggest selling single malt scotch in the world. Sample: tgl new make spirit, tgl nadurra white oak, tgl nadurra oloroso, tgl 18yo, tgl 1st fill sherry 1977 37yo and 1st fill bourbon 1977 39yo.

Suntory – japan meets scotland

Iain mccallum (global scotch ambassador) and johnnie mundell (japanese ambassador) will face off in this extraordinary tasting from two legendary houses of japan and scotland. You will sample through and compare bowmore mizunara, devils cask iii, dorus mor and from yamazaki american oak, european oak and finish off with mizunara.


Craigellachie - the stubborn rock

stephen marshall - global marketing manager will be introducing guests to the newly released craigllachie speyside single malt. Craigellachie distillery sits atop a craggy rock in the heart of speyside, high above the confluence of two great rivers. Constructed by peter mackie and alexander edward, it began production in 1891, when its whisky was first described as “old-fashioned”. Over the years the distillery has generated its own folklore of larger than life characters, curious anecdotes and tall tales.

William grant & sons: the origin of the species; whisky innovation and evolution

Ludovic ducrocq – global ambassador, william grant & sons

  • a guided walk through the history of the water of life, nosing and tasting true milestones of scotch whisky, from the fresh new make spirit, through the original whisky liqueur, world renowned blends, a recreation of the original single malt, the first “finished” malt and ground breaking new releases of aged single grains
  • starting in the hills of speyside with new make spirit from the valley of the deer, then enjoy a tipple of bonnie prince charlie’s own whisky liqueur, drambuie, a recreation of the grant’s 1909 “standfast”, 1963 original glenfiddich and on to the release of the unique aged girvan grain whisky, vacuum distilled with technology developed, and patented by our master distiller john ross.

Hosted by global brand ambassador, david blackmore – glenmorangie & ardbeg single malt scotch whisky

A true treat for the avid whisky fan or collector, we will journey through some of the greatest hits of glenmorangie. We will explore how glenmorangie revolutionized the world of whisky with the development of cask finishing, and how we continue to drive innovation to create new and delicious whiskies to this day.

We will taste rare expressions such as the glenmorangie cognac matured, release in 1999, and move on to explore our experimentation with exotic wood types as we taste both the glenmorangie burr oak reserve and the glenmorangie post oak 1993 release. We will continue with a taste one of a kind glenmorangie signet and move on to taste glenmorangie ealanta – the worlds first single malt scotch matured entirely in virgin american oak. To finish, we will taste glenmorangie milsean, private edition 2016 which represents a new innovation, being finished in portuguese red wine casks that have received a heavy char to caramelize the wine into the wood.

Pour list: 1. Glenmorangie cognac matured 2. Glenmorangie burr oak reserve 3. Glenmorangie post oak 1993 4. Glenmorangie signet 5. Glenmorangie ealanta 6. Glenmorangie milsean

Balblair – vintages timed to perfection.

Balblair is the only single malt scotch whisky that releases exclusively vintages.

This masterclass introduces you to the current vintage range (’83, ’90, ’99 & ’03) as well an unreleased single cask expression.

David lind global brand ambassador for international beverage will explain why the balblair distillery manager only ever releases each vintage when it’s ready and at its peak maturation point.

The masterclass will explore and contrast types of wood used in maturation and the impact of time itself across the vintage range.