Universal Whisky Experience Nth 2018: A Whisky Event Like No Other

Ah, Whisky! Nobody reading this could deny that it’s a many-splendored thing indeed; it’s the spirit which launched a thousand parties, the fuel of rambling conversations and voyages into sensory pleasure, and the drink which packs in character and flavour like no other. During its historic, winding journey across all corners of the globe, whisky has picked up countless fans and aficionados along the way. When there is even the slightest whiff of an excuse for them to join together, share their enthusiasm, and get the chance to sample the most esteemed bottles… well, you can be sure it’ll be an event to remember.

While we few things more more than sipping at a fine, single malt in front of a roaring fire – with little more than a good book for company – there’s a lot to be said for the spectacle and excitement of a top-class whisky event. There’s something truly special about such gatherings; they’re a chance to revel in the fascinating world that whisky inhabits, and seek out new favourites and uncover the secrets of the brands we know and love.

When it comes to spectacular whisky events, few could possibly compete with the Nth 2018. This is to be an exclusive celebration of our favourite drink and a true highlight of the spirits calendar, proudly presented by Universal Whisky Experience. Hosted at the luxurious Five Star Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, it’s a gathering of true whisky devotees and the most influential movers and shakers of the industry. It’s a weekend of indulgence, of exploration, and of almost limitless flavoursome delights, with more to do, see, and taste than you could shake a whisky tumbler at.

A Showcase of Excellence and Distinction

The Nth 2018 is billed as nothing less than the finest showcase of the best whiskies and brands from across the globe. It’s a chance for whisky aficionados to storm the city of Las Vegas, and spend four flavour-filled days in the most lavish of settings. Guests will be able to enjoy world-class entertainment, taste peerless whiskies, and share a space and mingle with the great minds and master distillers behind their favourite brands. Whether you select the High Roller Package (which promises the thrill of ‘whisky speed dating’ among many of things) or one of the many other experience packages available, there’s no doubt that Nth 2018 is going to an event no connoisseur could dream of missing.

If one thing is for sure, it’s that there’ll be more than a few ‘wow’ moments at Nth 2018. Last year’s event saw the once-in-a-lifetime tastings of bottles including the Glenfiddich 38 year-old ‘Ultimate’ (a whisky exclusive to the luxury Asian market and valued at $70,000 per bottle), as well as other wonders of distillation including a 1936 vintage of Gordon and MacPhail, and the last bottle of Benromach 1949. This year promises to be even more spectacular, and we can’t wait to see what will be brought to the tasting table.


Unveiling Whisky Legends

While Nth 2018 is set to be four days of non-stop whisky-oriented fun, with all the entertainment and class one would expect from an indulgent Las Vegas event, the main draw of the gathering is unquestionably the ‘Super Pours’. Last year’s lineup saw some truly incredible bottles being opened to gasps of appreciation across the board… and this year is set to raise the bar even higher.

The Super Pours of Nth 2018 is a unique chance to get up-close-and-personal with the most exceptional bottles of whisky in the world. Sourced from the four corners of the earth, and selected for their age, finesse, distinction and unparalleled flavour, the whiskies brought out at the Super Pours are those of rarity and sometimes even legendary status – spirits at the very height of their powers.

Learning From the Masters

For those seeking to lift the lid on the secrets behind their beloved spirits, Nth 2018 offers plenty of educational opportunities, sure to change the way favourite bottles are seen forever. This is an event at which preconceptions will be challenged, devotion will be deepened, and the ability to appreciate the subtleties and genius behind masterful blends will be heightened. Nth 2018 is a rare chance for whisky fans to learn from many of the spirits industry’s leading minds, and the Master Classes are bound to be buzzing with ideas, tips for tastings, and insider knowledge that has the power to fascinate and inspire.

This year’s event features master classes from Richard Paterson of The Dalmore, who will be leading a tasting seminar focused on the way Port, Sherry and fine wine casks lend a distinct depth to The Dalmore’s single malt whiskies. As well as this, Gil Schwartz will be taking guests through the golden ages of Scotch and Rum, and there will be a chance to learn about the fascinating history of Oban… with the chance to sample one of their unrivalled ‘unicorn’ bottles.

By bringing world-renowned brand ambassadors of famed whiskies to the event, Nth 2018 raises the bar yet again for its guests and enthusiasts. These are people for whom whisky is a lifelong vocation and a calling, and to receive tutelage from them is an experience which brings reward after reward. In many ways, the Master Classes are the perfect distillation of the event as a whole; this is all about enriching your enjoyment of whisky, furthering your exploration, and coming away with an experience which may well alter the way you approach the drink forever. If that doesn’t sound tempting, we don’t know what does.

Nth 2018 is held April 4th – 7th 2018 at Encore, Wynn Las Vegas.

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