Whisky LifeTM Journal

Exploring Armenian Brandy and Food Pairings

On February 26, 2019
Few spirits can hold a candle to the depth, beauty, and character of a fine Armenian brandy. These drinks have been made with great pride in the shadow of Mount Ararat for over a century, and connect contemporary drinkers to a history of grape growing and vinification which stretches back…
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Food and Whisky Pairing: The Barbecue Edition

On February 13, 2019
Whether you’re the kind of person who likes to keep their grilling activities relatively low-key - a simple barbecue in the back yard, perhaps, or maybe a grill set up on the beach with a couple of mates - or someone who prefers to go all-out with impressive set-ups and…
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The Five Most Ancient Scottish Whisky Distilleries

On February 6, 2019
Both history and age are factors of considerable significance in the world of fine whisky. We live in a fast-paced, globalised world, where ancient spirits like whisky have begun cropping up in the most unlikely corners of the planet (often with surprisingly pleasing results, such as those currently coming out…
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